At New Heights Arboriculture, we are committed to the Utility Arboriculture Sector. Working in a safe and efficient manner we continually invest in our teams who are qualified to NPTC standards in both utility arboriculture and chainsaw units working to BS3998.

Recognising that Customer Minutes Lost are of particular importance, we use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that we clear away vegetation from live overhead powerlines wherever possible following G55 guidance and aim to reduce faults by regular maintenance.

We are currently authorised to work on SP Energy Networks, Electricity North West, and Western Power Distribution.

In the past this industry has acquired a reputation for low standards of work, however we are committed to creating a new standard and changing that reputation by bringing the highest possible quality to every site we visit.

I feel it is very appropriate to mention that, I conducted a joint audit with WPD last week in Stoke/Buxton area. We checked a number of sites on 11kV circuit. I suppose I should weigh my words carefully while doing my work, but in this case I have no doubts to say that the work carried out by New Heights Arboriculture is of exceptional quality. All sites were cut to a very good standard, in accordance to SRF. We have met 4 landowners – all of them were delighted with work carried out. All paperwork for each site is completed very well – before and after pictures, photos of risk assessments (site specific, electrical and environmental) and RP sheets. Work checked last week is the best I’ve seen since I started working as a Quality and Compliance Manager.

Well done to the team!

Quality and Compliance Manager at Ground Control

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